Photography  // Christa Kimble

Photography  // Christa Kimble

As Yao is both a designer and a watercolor artist, it is very fitting that our art prints are arguably one of the most popular products in our online retail shop.  Through our wide selection of prints, such as abstracts, florals, and landscapes, among others, people are able to shop and find something that suits them (and their home!) perfectly. 

Over the past few years, our art print collection has continued to grow.  However, to make room for new work, we have discontinued a few older pieces, some that our customers would love to see back in our shop.  Huzzah! You’ve reached out to us, and after some consideration, we are happy to present to you: The Classics Collection!

The Classics Collection comprises of various art prints from the past (almost 5!) years that still continue to be beloved by our followings.  Their sizes range from 8" x 10"s to 16" x 20"s, and a select few are available all the way up to 30" x 40"!  They are printed on our archival cotton rag paper and individually signed by Yao.  You can read more about the production and distribution of our art prints on our "Product Info" page.  

This collection features “Colorful Dots Falling” and “Yellow Ginkgo” art prints from 2013, which continue to be fan favorites.  In addition to these pieces, we are bringing back “Blue Waves”, whose artwork was one of Yao's very first art prints that she created! This piece was not only featured on Designlovefest and on our stationery in the past, but it was a design that jump-started our product side of the business. It's amazing to see how one piece of artwork can have such an impact on what Yao's work is known for and how much we've been able to grow as a result of it.  Browse all of our Classics prints in our shop!

We would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and appreciate all of your suggestions.  It was through your requests for our older artworks you may have found online through Pinterest and other websites that this collection was made possible.


Left // Flower Bouquet Right // Colorful Dots Falling ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

Left // Flower Bouquet Right // Colorful Dots Falling ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

Photography  // Christa Kimble

Photography  // Christa Kimble

Left // Forest in Lush Greens Right // Green Rolling Hills ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

Left // Forest in Lush Greens Right // Green Rolling Hills ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved


It’s never a dull day at the studio, where we are constantly hard at work juggling various projects for clients, creating new products for our retail shop, and of course, designing Bespoke, fully-custom wedding stationery for brides (which we hold near and dear to our hearts)!  

Over the years, our Bespoke suites have continued to flourish, and we absolutely enjoy working with brides to make something uniquely theirs for that special day.  Our very first suite that Yao created was for a photoshoot with Earnest Home Co that was featured in Style Me Pretty.  That marked the beginning of the wedding stationery design aspect of our business, and it's truly amazing to see all of the new suites we have created since! 

Just as no two brides are the same, neither are their stationery needs.  From color schemes to design, Yao works with each client personally to create the wedding pieces of their dreams.  Our design services range from invitation suites to day-of pieces, and everything in-between! Yao begins by sketching various layouts that then get translated into fully-painted designs, which we later refine with our clients. The process is catered to the specific needs of every couple. We work closely together through every step of this process to make sure that each piece and design is exactly as they envision it to be!   

At Yao Cheng Design, we strive to design something that brides and their guests will enjoy and have to cherish all of the wonderful memories that come with a wedding day because to us, these wedding pieces are more than just pieces of paper.  We see them as pieces to an even larger love story.   For more information on pricing and our design process, please contact us and visit the Bespoke wedding section of our website. Looking for something equally beautiful, but has a shorter turnaround time and is not as involved in terms of the design process? We also have 5 lovely suites available in our Collection wedding section, where you will be able to find everything you need, such as Save the Dates, Invitations, and Reception stationeries!

Elisabeth- 1007.jpg

This comprehensive wedding suite was a delight to work on!  Together with the couple, Yao created everything from Save the Dates to reception pieces, such as "Thank You" tags and escort cards. It was a joy to see so many beautiful pieces come together for their big day! The Save the Date is a postcard that was designed to give guests a preview of all the lovely pieces they could expect in the coming months. For the invitation suite, it was important for all of the pieces to maintain a cohesive feel but not become too "matchy" with one another. The map is a great way to break up the uniformity of the floral design, because it adds whimsical illustrations to the mix! As we began working on the various reception pieces, it was clear that we should continue with the floral theme to bring it all together. Their escort cards were digitally printed, followed by Yao's custom calligraphy, which were written individually. The gift tags added a special touch for the guests and even includes a wedding quote! 

This Ohio couple wanted something simple, yet elegant. We decided on a green color-scheme to give their suite a fresh, summer feel. Their vision for a custom Save the Date really captures the natural beauty of their wedding venue among a birch forest. The invitation + RSVP is classic as well, as Yao painted mostly hydrangeas and bright green foliage to match their bouquet!

This local, Columbus couple wanted each piece in the suite to be harmonious with one another, and it was important to tie in a jubilant yellow throughout! For the main floral motif, the bride decided on large, yellow peonies, followed by smaller arrangements of soft pinks and oranges to give the design some more variety. It was also important to offset all of the yellows and pinks with muted eucalyptus stems throughout, so as to not overwhelm the overall look.  Their invitation suite comes with a details card that provides more information for guests, as well as an outer, inner, and RSVP envelopes. For these envelopes, it was essential for the bride to have both an outer and inner invitation envelope so that they could specify, in a formal way, the individual guests who were invited!  The return addresses were silkscreened, but the mailing addresses were individually hand-written by Yao.

This Virginia couple wanted something that was classic, but also highlighted the bright pinks and oranges of their floral arrangements! We focused on a basic package for their Invitations + RSVP, but created a more elaborate suite for their Day Of pieces.  What Yao loved most about working with this couple were their unique reception cards!  It gave her an opportunity to explore new layouts and arrangements for pieces such as a large seating chart, menus, social cards, "Thank You" gift tags, and bar/drink menus (not shown here).  Their reception pieces add lots of colors and pops to an otherwise formal dinner setting!

Photography // Katie Nesbitt

Photography // Katie Nesbitt

And lastly, here are two smaller projects that showcase an invitation & reception wedding pieces, and a custom table number with personal quotes.

Yao addresses every envelope and caters the lettering to fit each individual bespoke suite!  If you would like to contact us for your wedding or more details regarding any of these projects, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to work with you and make your ideas come true on paper!

All photographs captured here, unless otherwise stated, are by Christa Kimble Photography.



Kick off 2017 with Rise & Design, the morning meet-up brainchild of local Columbus designers, Danielle Evans and Yao Cheng.  It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity for creatives from all over the area to come together and share the experiences they have had from running a small business or taking on freelance gigs over freshly brewed coffee and scrumptious pastries.  Yes, that’s right - breakfast snacks are included!  

Rise & Design is held on the first Friday of each month from 9 – 10:30AM from our bright and spacious downtown studio, where we explore a wide range of subjects, including social media strategy and business ethics (you can read more about our space in our recent feature on The Metropreneur).  We host an informal, open discussion environment, in which everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to bring questions and topics for conversation regarding what it means to be a creative or the ins and outs of owning a small business. 

There is absolutely no harm, no foul for being unable to attend every single one of these meet-ups, so whether you are able to attend one, five, or all of them, please RSVP on our NEW website, and we can also add you to the Rise & Design newsletter, where you can stay up-to-date on upcoming meetings and events.  Shout out to A Carpenter’s Son for the beautiful, white conference table we had custom made for events such as these!

Hope to see and meet you all at our next meet-up!


Hey there,

For those of you interested in learning how to paint or are working with watercolors, you may have wondered to yourself: "How do I get started with my creative process, how do I come up with my compositions, or where do I find my inspirations?"  These questions and many others often been asked in emails and discussion forums over on Creativebug by students. I believe it is so important to find your own voice when it comes to being a creative, but it often takes a lot of time and trial and error to find that style you can call your own! That is why in this new "Frequently Asked Questions" class, I talk about how I came up with my design ideas and gained confidence in my painting style over the years. I even share some general techniques on how you can translate your watercolor paintings digitally into the computer to be used in designs! 

The thing is, I was often curious about these same questions in regards to other artists and designers when I was first starting out. Since everyone has a unique perspective on how they arrived at their signature style, there was something to be gained from each interview that I listened to. I hope that in this class on my creative process, I can shed some light on the different ways you can find creative inspiration and translate that into something original of your own! During the interview, you will also get a peak inside our downtown studio where all of my paintings are created and I run my business out of. So check it out here, and as you continue to paint and explore new ideas, you can always email us specific questions directly!

Have a creative week, folks!