What a happy weekend this was! Eric proposed on Saturday night, and there are no words that could describe the feelings that overwhelmed the both of us when it happened. I don't think I have  completely grasped the reality of what has happened, but I am overjoyed with excitement for our future together...

Eric, the ever-composed man he is, completely surprised me! He gave me a "Yao Survival Kit" and in it were really cute and inside-joke-items that he thought I would need if I was ever stranded somewhere.  I was in pieces before I even opened the bag, to say the least! Everything- the timing, the place, the ring...it was all perfect. I have to add that having our beautifully lit Christmas tree in the background was pretty great too...

We received a lovely surprise this afternoon from his parents. It was so sweet and just in time for my new chalkboard wall. I am so happy to have them as my in-laws, they are truly great folks! Thanks Shari and Doug!

- Yao

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