Well well well, it is Friday again, isn't it!

It's been a bit of a challenging week for me, I think the balancing of trying to do many different projects really got to me. Eric and the closest of close friends of mine always tell me that I'm just doing too many things, and I always roll my eyes because...this is just my personality! I love the things I paint, and I can't help but want to put them on everything in sight. But you know, I had a heart to heart chat with my most amazing friend today and she reminded me that even so, I am only one person. Well, she is right, and after much moaning and groaning about it, I made a list. The list lives on my wall in my office now, and it breaks down what I am most passionate about exploring and what I don't need to put so much time into. After putting my thoughts down, I instantly felt more at ease.

So I'm ending this week on a high and cheerful note, and there's nothing more cheery than colorful herringbones, right?

Happy weekend!

- Yao