Hey guys!

Hope you guys are winding down for the weekend this Friday afternoon!

I'm excited to share and ask for you guys to vote for my art print submission for the State of the Art Challenge with Minted . Click here and cast your vote, yeah? Minted is like this candy store for stationary designers. Every time I am on their website I get so inspired for new stationary ideas!

A little bit about this print. I painted this very recently, and it came about quite by accident, actually. It's funny how sometimes it is the ones that I really am on the fence that I end up loving the most! I was really reluctant to finish painting this piece, but somewhere during the middle of painting all those fun shades of green I decided to stick with it. Adding a touch of gold at the end was like finishing that beautiful bow on a present. It just needed a little bit of pizzazz, you know? Looking back, this print is particularly interesting because it hovers in this in-between place of being abstract and being narrative. I love creating work that is ambiguously living in this space since my work is a mixture of print & pattern, graphic design and painting. 

I love how those triangles sway and grow in all these directions, it feels like they are dancing along and celebrating the first snow...

In other news, if you guys are in the Columbus area, you should come say hello at my booth at the Craftin Outlaws holiday show this Saturday from 10 am-5 pm at the Veterans Memorial. It's time to get your holiday shopping on!

Happy Friday, everyone.