Happy Friday, you guys!

I am glad to be ending this week calm and relaxed, hope you are as well. It's been a busy two weeks filled with new wedding clients and craft shows to prep for... It seems as though "no" is just not in my business vocabulary, but how can I when I love all the projects I have? Well, today I made sure to unwind a bit and just enjoy the quietness of the afternoon.

Speaking on enjoying moments, I'm sharing a photograph from our recent engagement photo shoot in Florence with Lisa and Gian from Lisa Poggi Photography. The preview she sent us is just beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes to see how wonderfully they captured our love for each other! It really hit me when I saw these photos that our wedding is really happening, and much sooner than I last recalled. I really can't wait for the day now, to be surrounded by all of our favorite people and celebrate our new life together...

Well, hope you guys have a safe and relaxing weekend, me and Eric are headed to our favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate him turning 28! 

Until next time,