Hey there guys and gals!

Thanksgiving is almost here, can you believe it? Well to start off this holiday season, enjoy 25% off your entire purchase in my shop by using code GIVETHANKS. Hurry though, offer ends on Saturday, November 30th. A side note about shipping, as we are traveling out of town, shipping after November 27th will resume December 2nd! Click here for more info about my shipping policy.

Are you guys looking forward to some quality family time this Thursday? I certainly am, we are getting ready to make our way up to Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving with my dad's family on Thursday. There's something special about my dad's Thanksgivings... Rather than just cooking a turkey and all of the delicious assemble that comes with it, there is also another portion of the holiday experience- wrapping Chinese dumplings. It's a duo-Thanksgiving, if you will. As the turkey is stuffed and cooking away in the oven, we (mostly the ladies) will gather around the kitchen table and wrap hundreds of dumplings from scratch. It's one of my favorite traditions in the family. I love how soft the dough feels in my hand as I flatten it bit by bit with the rolling pin. The filling always fill the room with aromas of sesame oil, soy sauce and pork seasoning...There is nothing quite like a handmade dumpling right out of the boiling pot of water. I can't wait, I can almost taste them now...

Hope you guys have a safe and memorable Thanksgiving!

- Yao


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