Happy Friday everyone!

For the last few days, I have hit some sort of creative wall. I'm not sure exactly why I keep staring at my desk and then quickly reaching for snacks as an attempt to divert work time. Procrastination, much? 

Anyway, I forced myself to try something other than watercolor today. I used to sketch away for hours in my sketchbook, and it always took me to a place where my mind was quite and peaceful. I recently purchased some awesome Muji pens in multiple colors, and they really came in handy today as I sat down to draw. 

I'm hoping to make this a weekly post, so we'll see if this group develops into something!

By the way, this Sunday is Chinese New Year! We are having Eric's family over and teaching them some mad dumpling wrapping skills. I am cooking some of my favorite dishes that I have such nostalgia for as a child. Can't wait!

- Yao