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Happy Friday to you!

I have been painting all morning and I am currently fascinated with faded images. Whether it is in watercolor or photography, it has a really soft and ambiguous quality that I find really interesting! Neither white or black, it ebbs somewhere in between being here or there. I have always felt that empty space is more interesting than the objects in my work, which probably has something to do with the Daoist philosophy I based my thesis around in undergrad. But, I digress. Love these black and white photographs, don't you?

On other fronts, I can't wait to share some new art prints that I'm hoping to have in my Etsy shop next week. Stay tuned, folks! But in case you can't hold on to your pants (did I say that right?), you can follow my process work on Instagram.

Have a glass of wine and enjoy the Friday afternoon.

- Yao

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