schlegel_Lake Garda.jpg
  sources //  Michael Schlegel

Hello friends,

Have you heard of Michael Schlegel? Well if you have not, let me introduce some of his amazing/breathtaking work...I was researching Icelandic landscapes when I came across his photography, and being an avid lover of black and white photography, his work really struck a cord with me. I love the combination of extreme darks with soft whites. The poetry of the objects that hover between being visible and not is so beautiful! Makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside... These photographs are also similar to the way I feel about Chinese calligraphy- at times the brush strokes are strong and hard, but it can just as easily be soft and elegant. 

This week, I'm trying to focus on researching for new work. I was at the library yesterday looking through some Van Gogh paintings, and fell in love with his ink drawings and paintings all over again! If I could pick anyone to paint with, he would be my number one pick! Can you imagine, standing next to him in a field and just watching him paint?

The other thing I'm working hard on this week is asking myself some introspective questions about where I want my business to go. The last six months have been a juggle act of many different projects, and I feel very exhausted by investing my time equally into all of them. It's time to ask myself why I wanted to break away from the norm corporate job in the first place and to start my own studio!

Anyway, enjoy these beautiful photographs!