Hello and good morning folks!

My DIY post about Easter eggs is featured on The Alison Show today! Be sure to go and check out the post! It is an easy step-by-step to making really fun and colorful eggs for this Easter. In case I have not raved enough about Alison, she is such a wonderful and kind person to collaborate with! Love this girl. 

I had a blast coming up with this blog post, and being relatively new to blogging in general, I also learned some important aspects to photo shooting beautiful images. It's not just about making beautiful work, the visual side of presentation is just as important in telling the story! In this case, I wanted to show the happy colors of the eggs and how great they can look together on a nice display in your dining room. 

Here are some outtakes that didn't make it into the blog post, though I love them all the same! There were just too many beautiful images to choose from, so this is the perfect opportunity to share them with you all!

Love the image above and want it on your desktop? Download the one above here!

Have a great Monday everyone!


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