Me and Eric went to a book release for the Columbus Creative Cooperative this past weekend. I collaborated with the director, Brad, on the book cover for this collection of poetry called Ides of March. When he approached me about the project a few months ago, the only thing he told me to base my design around is the title, which is also the theme of the collection. I suppose there are many events in history that are tied with the Ides of March, but the one I like the best is the assassination of Caesar, which was full of dark events and drama. I thought ocean waves would be perfect for the cover because without being too literal, it also has an unpredictable and dramatic quality to it! Anyway, without going on too long about this, I just want to add that after I did this book cover, I started to become really obsessed with ocean waves. I just love painting all those waves as they come and go...I did the pen drawing in the photograph above as an after thought, which ended up being perfect as inserts in the book!

On a more calming subject, I went to my Bikram yoga class this morning and am really loving how relaxed I feel. I used to really dread doing yoga, but something about the 104 degrees and sweating your butt off just feels so...great! Anyway, I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon painting away now...

Hope your afternoon is sunny and happy!

- Yao