Sources//  Unknown

Sources// Unknown


I watched an intriguing documentary about Gerhard Richter yesterday. I was so mesmerized by his work for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I can connect with his sensibility. (His portraits are so interesting and beautiful!) His work has a vast range, from photorealistic portraits to abstract paintings, which I think not many artists can pull off. Every part of the evolution of his work seems to have a purpose, it is honest and meaningful. He doesn't paint portraits because others think he should...I really admire that. He is also not scared about ruining a painting. In the documentary, you can see that his abstracts often start out with bright, primary colors, and then gets covered up and smeared over. I have the same tendency with my paintings. Sometimes I tell myself, "Ok, I should stop now. Just leave it." Then, because something about it feels a bit off, I'll do something to completely change it! It's liberating to know that a painting is just a painting, and I can always start over with a new one!

I think sometimes people take painting and art too seriously. My thought on painting is that it is made simply for people to enjoy visually. However deep one projects meaning onto it is up to that individual. In my experience, I've come across a few people who seem to think that, because my work is colorful and bright, it lacks depth and value. I feel the opposite, because my paintings are honest, original and reflect how I feel at the moment. There isn't anything more meaningful than that. 

Check out the documentary and more of his work on Artsy, if you get a chance! It's truly inspiring. I've been wanting to start an in-depth series on abstracts, perhaps it is time!