sources //   Yao Cheng Design

sources // Yao Cheng Design

Hello folks!

We just got back from a long weekend up in Boston visiting a dear friend of mine, Sherika, and her awesome husband, Geoff! Though the drive was a long one, it was still fun to be on me and Eric's first long road trip together. We listened to dozens of audiobooks, snacked to my hearts content and enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Pennsylvania!

It was an extra special trip, since it coincided with our three year anniversary and Mother's Day! I can hardly believe it's been three years, but this was a great treat for the occasion! I feel like time really flew by this past year for me and Eric...Perhaps the engagement and planning for the upcoming wedding at this villa in Tuscany made this year feel shorter than usual, but nonetheless I wouldn't trade the memories of this year for anything! Can't wait to call this man my hubbie...

Anyway, I forget every time how much I love Boston, until I'm there. Walking through the neighborhoods and admiring all the historical architecture in the spring makes me feel like I am home...Sherika graduated from her fashion program and I was able to help her backstage during the show. I am so proud of this girl, not only is she super talented, but her happy and warm presence always make me smile! I swear we are the same person, not only do we share the same music and clothes, but we have recently learned that we now dress our husband/ husband-to-be the same! Hah, we were both so amused by this fact, though I think Eric rolled his eyes a bit at what his future life is looking like...

What can I say, I am blessed with a great support system of family and friends! I couldn't do what I am doing right now without them...

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend!


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