sources // 1, 2   Yao Cheng Design

sources // 1, 2 Yao Cheng Design


I finally had some time to sit down today, pick up my brush and paint! It's been a few weeks since I've had some quite time to get in touch with my creative side, and lets just say it was about time to get back to that! I've realized that if I go too long without painting, I start to forget what the whole point of all of this is. I forget how happy I feel when it's just me, my brush and that new piece of watercolor paper in front of's a very quite and personal place I can go to when I'm feeling down or stressed out. Painting has always been that part of my life where no matter what happens elsewhere in my life, I can always pick up a brush and paint until I feel better. The whole point of me working so hard in starting and getting this business going is so that I can paint. So, of course, it's not sensible to go a few weeks without making new work! But, running your own business always means that it is not sensible to be able to paint all the time either. (which, I admit, is what my naive self thought before starting this business!) There are so many hats to be worn each day that creating art can easily be pushed to the bottom of the list! 

So anyway, this idea of a series of gold paintings intrigued me as I thought about what I should paint next last night...I think it would be really interesting to see what kind of variety of work can come of it. I might even throw some silkscreened pieces into the mix, can you imagine? Silkcreening with gold! Anyway, I will keep you guys updated on more works to come...

In the meantime, I should go get ready for tonight's VIP event for Pinchflat! Wild Goose Creative has kindly asked me as one of the guest speakers to talk about my work and bike poster design (more of that to come next week!) that will be showcased around downtown Columbus tomorrow. I'm looking forward to meeting and seeing some local designers work tonight!

Have a great weekend, everyone!