Well hello there!
It is been a while..sorry folks for not keeping up here on my blog lately! I've locked myself away in my little studio all week doing nothing but designing wedding invites. You can see some of these designs on Instagram. I'm hoping to launch a collection of them and expanding my design services that way in a few months! Very excited indeed. 

Meanwhile, I'm also revisiting my calligraphy skills that I learned a few months back and having some fun with new quotes. This quote by Emerson is one that I really relate to. Staying true to my own vision in this world filled with amazing talents and ideas is something I have to remind myself once in a while. There are times where I wonder why my work isn't like other designers that I admire, but then I remind myself that, wait! that's the whole point! My work is a reflection of my own sensibilities and ideas, and that is something wonderful to treasure.

Well have a great weekend folks! Eric is bringing home my all-time favorite way to celebrate my birthdays- ice cream cake! Happy birthday weekend to me!

- Yao