sources // 1,2,3   Yao Cheng Design

sources // 1,2,3 Yao Cheng Design


Hope you guys had a great weekend.

Me and Eric had two really wonderful days attending the PinchFlat bike poster event sponsored by Wild Goose Creative. It was great fun to see such a variety of poster designs and techniques around the theme of bikes. You can purchase my poster design here or stop by Paradise Garage during the month of May! I was one of the guest speakers at the VIP event on Friday, and honestly, I was a bit nervous about speaking in front of everyone... As much as I love creating work, speaking about it doesn't come as naturally to me. I think it's because creating visual work is a completely different language to me than verbal communication, so a lot of the times I don't know how to express in words what I was thinking or trying to say through my work. It might also have something to do with my college professors saying that my work should always speak for itself, which I feel strongly about! But the event went really well, and I even surprised myself with how at ease I felt on stage talking about my work and my process.

The posters moved to Paradise Garage on Saturday as part of the Columbus Gallery Hop. We had a lot of fun getting to know about the cool bike events going on downtown and meeting some really awesome cyclists! I even wound up winning myself a brand new Linus bike that night! You can see more photos here on Instagram. What a great way the end the weekend, right?

Anyway, we are taking a road trip for a few days to visit my best friend, Sherika and her lovely husband Geoff, this Friday. I am definitely ready for a work break and just enjoy ourselves for a few days with some of our favorite people!