Well if it isn't Monday again? My studio has gone through lots of different projects these past few weeks, and I am beginning to feel a bit winded from it all. I suppose this is just what happens when I get really excited about a few too many projects and ideas! The wedding invites collection is slowly coming together, and I'm very much looking forward to sharing the collection with you guys once it is done! I am also working on adding some new art prints to my shop and I'll be posting some new artwork very very soon. Added to this list are some side projects and getting ready for the art show next month and wow, have I got my hands full!

I took this photo when I was visiting the Innis Garden here in Columbus last weekend. The garden feels like a sanctuary, I could have stayed there all day...It was a wonderful way for me to paint some flowers and just get lost in all the beautiful nature.

This photography reminds me how my state of mind should be a bit more often. After all, I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing one day. I consider myself so lucky to have this chance to make work that I really love and see it become something larger than what I could have imagined it to be! Can't wait to see everything takes me the rest of this year...

Have a groovy Monday! So cheesy...I know.