sources //  Marlo Kolaric

sources // Marlo Kolaric



I've been busy brainstorming and sketching on some new works for an upcoming art festival and also for me to explore some new ideas! 

I came across Marlo Kolaric's work a while back on Design Sponge, but it really resonated with me today as I looked back on his work for inspiration. I think I'm itching to get back to sketching with a pen again... It's been a while since I've dedicated a whole afternoon to sketching! 

I love how he combines architecture and geometry into his organic shapes, it makes for a lovely conversation between these two very different ideas! I am often drawn (hah, no pun intended!) to geometry and architecture-like drawings. Maybe it's because geometry by nature lacks a sense of imperfection and human touch, so I think throwing in the hand-drawn lines makes a more interesting idea. I really admire Marlo's dedication and patience to these drawings, there's a wonderful obsessiveness and rhythm that I can also really relate to! Often, when I'm really into drawing or painting something that's repetitive, I get to this zen-like state where it feels like a mediation and the rest of my surrounding just melts away...It is a wonderful state of mind to be, indeed. 

Well, I think I'm going to go pick up my pen now and see where it takes me this afternoon! 

'Till next time!