I'd like to end this week with this great quote from Sir Ken Robinson. I was cooking away the other night and listening to my usual podcasts as I chopped my vegetables, and this quote from this interview with Sir Ken Robinson came up. It was one of those moments where when you hear it, you have to immediately grab a pen and jot it down! 

I should probably keep this taped to a wall in my office, because it is a great reminder to the wonderful unknowns that we discover and go through everyday! From my experience, the best ideas come about after lots of experimenting and not being afraid to make work that's not great. It's something I still have a hard time with at the beginning of each painting. "Will this be the one? This painting has to be amazing!" But actually, it's only when I let go of these fears that I am really starting to create. When I am not afraid to make work that isn't great, I'm not concerned with anything other than searching for an original idea...

Well I think I'm going to try and spend most of the day painting. Hope you all will have a wonderful weekend!