Me and Eric spent this weekend at the Westerville Art Festival selling my watercolor paintings and art prints. This is the first art festival that I've done, and that came with lots of new challenges but I'm glad I did it because I was able to learn so much about how to set up for future shows! It was a great weekend, though it was a bit sweltering sitting inside a tent for 2 days! We met and talked to so many great folks who came out to see my work and that honestly is the best part of what I do. Seeing how much my work speaks to them makes me want to do a kart wheel inside! There were these two wonderful ladies when came in Saturday evening and I  was really struck by how much they loved my work! I love how happy they were when they saw my work and then even happier when they looked through more of my prints. It was the sweetest and most sincere way of saying "hey, you're work is awesome!" That really made my day...

So since that weekend I've been busy taking a breather and getting ready for my mom to come visit, which is today! I love living in Ohio, especially since this is where I met Eric, but sometimes it is hard to have my parents live far away and on opposite sides of the country from me. So, I am thrilled to have my mom here with me for the next 5 days! This is a special visit for me because she's coming with me to go wedding dress shopping. Not to get too nostalgic here, but this means a lot of me to have her come help me pick out a dress. We have not had the best of relationships in the past, and rebuilding that has been so wonderful and I love that I can share this experience with her. My grandmother, who is currently living in Beijing and unable to come to our wedding, is paying for the dress. I know whichever dress I end up picking, that it will feel like she is with me on the wedding day!

See you guys next time,