Hello there! 

My mom was here for a visit a week ago, and it was wonderful to spend some quality time with my mom. We did so much in just 5 days, including helping me find my wedding dress (I can't wait for the wedding now!) and cooking delicious Chinese food. The highlight of her visit, though, was the first day when she gave me and Eric this AMAZING quilt that she made for us!  

A year or so ago, my mom started to really get into quilting. She just jumped right in and started making so many beautiful things that I couldn't resist the idea of asking her to make us one! I found this chevron pattern while looking online and loved how it was all about the colors and patterns. So over the next six months I collected all the different prints I wanted her to use, which was not easy for someone who is really obsessed about patterns! Anyway, it has been another six months since I've seen all of these prints that I've picked, and to see it all in this beautifully crafted quilt...I was elated! This quilt now lives in our bedroom, and it is seriously my favorite thing about our room now. The details in this quilt is endless, I often will just sit on our bed and admire it.

Well, I hope the rest of the week will be as happy as this quilt makes me feel! Also, how cool is it that my watercolor paintings I hung in our bedroom matches perfectly with the chevron quilt? It was meant to be, I guess...

- Yao