We went to vist Eric's parents for July 4th this year, and it was just what we both needed! A little bit of time away from the house and with the people that we love, it was perfect. We ate delicious food, played croquette until the evening fell dark and the fireworks started all around the neighborhood! My favorite part of the trip was spending the afternoon relaxing in their yard and listening to the wind whistling through the leaves. The trip was a bit too short, but there is much work to be done back in my office in preparation for an art festival next weekend.

By the way, if we weren't planning a wedding in the rolling hills of Tuscany next year, it would have been in this backyard! Luckily for us though, we will be hosting a reception party for all of our friends and family after the wedding and it will most definitely be celebrated here! 

I hope you guys had a great fourth of July! 

- Yao