I've been working on some new projects lately (more on that in the coming weeks!) and this sketch painting came about as part of that brainstorming process. I was trying to tie in my inspiration from Japanese indigo textiles with my love for geometric shapes. This one, though just a sketch, I think captured that the best. They remind me of one of those quite winter days, when snow falls gently from the sky onto the snow-capped mountains...

More and more, I find that all of my paintings have a common theme, though the context or actual imagery might be different. I love that this is all part of the process that painting and being an artist is revealing to me. I look forward to that day when everything I've worked on will just click with me and I know I've found that exact idea or motif or whatever it is and I can just run with it!

Me and Eric can barely sit still as our countdown continues for our vacation to Italy at the end of this month! I'm starting to read through our travel books and, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually typing out an itinerary. I just hope I don't turn into one of those people who laminates the itinerary and passes it out to everyone! But anyway, this is going to be an amazing trip since we've been planning it for more than a year now. We will finally be able to see our villa for the wedding and meet all the lovely people that is making our wedding possible! Italy sounds like such an inspiring place for creative folks, so I'm definitely packing my watercolor paper and paint supplies. 

Well, 'till next time!