Hello there,

I'm sharing some new art prints that are now available for purchase today! You can find them here and on Etsy. Looking for a new iphone cover, or a pair of cushion covers? My Society6 shop offers my prints in these applications and more! 

New work always make me feel revived and rejuvenated as an artist. This is what it is all about, it's so immediate and gratifying when I watch new pieces come to life... I really treasure the few days I get where I can spend the whole day creatiing and exploring new ideas. It is certainly rare these days, which is unfortunate, but realistic when I am running and growing this business on my own. I am operating at full speed here in the studio these days, and I'm hoping everything will work itself out in the end! I have to say though, it is fantastic to be so busy and working on so many great projects. I could not have imagined this six months into starting off on my own!

This triangle print is a real gem, the color palette is so fresh and visually carries the eye in an interesting way. Doesn't your eye want to dance across the page forever? The repeating pattern I designed in addition to this print was originally going to be for holiday wrapping paper. However, I am shelving a wrapping paper collection for next year, when I have more time to really develope a more cohesive collection. Love this print? You can purchase it here


How beautiful is this new floral print, by the way? I'm pretty proud of this one, and the small wording of "home" is the perfect touch to tie it all together. Painting flora can be really challenging sometimes, though it may look effortless, I usually go through many drafts before I decide on one that I like! But this piece was different, I sort of just got it on the first try, which rarely happens but when it does, it feels so natural and genuine. Would love to hang this gal in your house? You can pick from various sizes here!

Until next time!