I just wanted to share a recent commission I finished for a lovely future bride and groom. Their friends, who are gifting this to them, asked me to paint something floral. Naturally, I was really excited to do this project! This painting is a little bit different than how I usually approach painting flowers. Usually, I work very quickly through my paintings, partly because I like the immediacy of my brush strokes and partly because I try not to mess with the color blends too much. But with this painting, I wanted to take a little more time and really layer with it. This way of painting really took me back to my days studying traditional floral painting in China, which you can see below. The "Red Peony" painting was the most extensive painting I've ever worked on. Starting with drawing a delicate ink contour (which takes about 7 or 8 drafts), the flower is slowly colored in with layers and layers of pigment to achieve that saturated brilliancy. The end result is truly amazing, I have such high respect for this discipline of painting! It's funny, though my way of painting these days is a far departure from that formal training, I still use it as a reference point a lot of the times. 

Well, it's fun to walk down memory lane a little bit this morning! 

Anyway, I will see you guys next time! 


 Red Peony, circa 2008, China Academy of Art

Red Peony, circa 2008, China Academy of Art