It's Friday again!

How did this week fly by again so quickly? I wanted to share with you guys some of the calligraphy pieces I've been working on this week. The above quote about love is from Lao Tzu and written as a wedding gift for some friends of ours. The envelopes below are created as part of a wedding invite suite that I am still working through.

Calligraphy has very much surprised me by how much I've grown to fall in love with it! It started with just a curiosity for lettering and typefaces that I found in Steven Heller's book called Scripts. I find so many beautiful inspiration in that book, I recommend it to anyone who is fond of script and lettering! Anyway, from there I heard of a master calligrapher here in Columbus named Bill Lilly and I knew I had to take a class and see what it is all about. I ended up learning how masters create their elegant scripts, it was so fascinating. I loved hearing Bill talk about how the ovals and curves of "o"s should be mirrored in the "a"s and "d"s. He showed me how precise beautifully written script can be, how there are proportions and relationships between every letter. 

Isn't calligraphy great? Don't you wish we can send snail mail to our friends and family everyday?

Have a great weekend! We're counting down this last week before Italy. I'm already in love with the language having spoken to our amazing Italian wedding planner a few days ago.