I'm excited to share a recent launch of a collection of my paintings on BSDA today. I first came across Buy Some Damn Art through Kate Singleton's blog called Art Hound. I've been following her blog for a while now, and I love how it is about embracing fine artists and giving them a voice in blog land. I think it's really important to stay in touch with fine art, so I was really glad when she asked me to do a collection of paintings for her online gallery space.

This collection came into being after I did a series of dot paintings and realized how much I enjoyed creating and watching these color palettes come to life and interact with each other. For BSDA, I wanted to continue exploring that idea but play with different sizes of dots as well as introduce more complex color arrangements. Come check out the complete collection and snag one up before the show ends (in six weeks)! You can also read her interview with me here.

On another note, I'm spending the rest of today painting away in my studio. It feels really good to be back in my office and create new work again!  Painting has remained the best place for me to be mentally. No matter if I'm feeling down or happy or any other range of emotions, when I'm sitting down and creating new work, I feel like I'm a part of something new! 

See you guys next time!