Good afternoon, folks!

I hope you guys are starting the week on a good beat. It's been a little bit more slow-paced here in my studio for the past few weeks. It's the good kind of "slow"  though, trust me! Ever since coming back from vacation, I knew I wanted to stay a bit more low keyed. I go through these phases where I just want to close the door and stay in my little world for a few months...and while in reality it's not possible (or good for my sanity) to do, I like to spend a week or more just painting and drawing. 

So I've been making all kinds of drawings, studies of botanicals, paintings of pretty floras...It's been really fun and really good for my soul. I sit down at my desk, quite my mind, and just enjoy painting. This is the life, right? Isn't this what we all work so hard to have when we start our own business? Anyway, now I am surfacing back to reality and putting these paintings to good use. Above are some of my favorite florals that I've been painting, and I think they will be great in my collection of holiday wrapping paper that I'm hoping to have in my shop in the next month or two! Fingers crossed, there are many sourcing issues still to be ironed out, but I think it's a great way to expand and offer more surface patterns in my shop.

 Vittorio Accornero for  Gucci , 1960-1982

Vittorio Accornero for Gucci, 1960-1982

I've been really inspired by floral patterns while vacationing in Italy. While we were in Florence, we stumbled upon the Gucci museum in the center of the city. Not knowing much about Gucci's history, I wandered inside and immediately fell in love with the silk scarves they had on display! They were so exquisite, so rich in color and motifs, so elegant. They were part of the twenty year collaboration that Rodolfo Gucci had with Vittorio Accornero from the 60's onward. I loved how much detail and care went into each print, how much craftsmanship and labor poured into printing all 30 or more colors on every scarf...

The more I learned about Vittorio, the more I realized that the same love and care should be shown in my own work. I decided then and there that I needed to put more intent and focus into my paintings because in the end, it really shows. I also reminded myself that it took twenty years of Vittorio painting and illustrating before he reached the recognition that caught the eye of Gucci. And then it took another twenty years before these beautiful works came to life. So there's no rush, it's ok to slow down a bit and spend the time needed for each painting! 

Anyway, it's back to designing surface patterns for me this afternoon.

Until next time! 

- Yao