***An update: As I talk about in this post, I launched our printed tea towels (our first textiles collection!) in 2015, and they are as beautiful today as I had envisioned in my mind!

Also, florals continue to be a big passion of mine, including this recent Floral One Line a Day journal that I've created with Chronicle Books. Check out our other floral goodies such as floral prints, pillows, gift wrap and more!

Hello, hello!

You guys, I've been crazy about painting flowers lately! It's the middle of wedding season, so it's the perfect excuse to paint and paint these lovely beauties. The above two pieces is for a very special project that I don't want to say too much about yet! Though, I could hardly contain my excitement after painting these to not share it with everyone...It just didn't seem right to keep it all to myself! 

This isn't to say that everyday that I sit down to paint that I create something wonderful like this. In fact, I didn't touch my brushes for an entire week before I sat down and painted these. My creative process is funny like that. Sometimes it's very stubborn and I can't think of anything exciting to paint. But if I just leave it alone for long enough, ideas will pop into my head out of nowhere and it really is like "ah! there it is!". For these two pieces, I was really inspired by this artist named Vittorio Accornero from Italy who painted the most gorgeous scarves for Gucci back in the 60's. You can see more of his work in a previous post that you can see here! I really admire his use of corners to create designs that work inwards in this organic way that feels like a pattern without actually being one. It's very visually interesting to look at... Anyway this was my attempt at that interpretation! I am constantly trying to improve the way I paint flowers, though I think I do a decent job most of the time, there is still much to learn about how to capture the beauty with ease and not over work it. 

At any rate, I plan on digitally printing this onto some heavy cotton fabric and see how well my designs will translate as textiles. I figured this will be the perfect introduction to textiles design, and if you didn't know this already, I am slowly working on developing a line of textiles for the home. It's been a long dream of mine, as I think watercolor will find a special place in the home decor industry, what do you think? I am recruiting my wonderful future mother-in-law to help me sew them together soon. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

Until next time,