Hi all!

I'm sharing a bit of great news on my recent 1st prize win for the State of the Art Challenge with Minted! I wrote a post about it here. I feel so honored to be joining the Minted community, it means a lot to me to have my work be recognized with them! It never ceases to amaze me how positively my work is received by others, I'm grateful for these moments of pure elatedness where I feel like all of this hard work is truly, truly worth it!  

This print will be available on Minted for all of you who wish to have one in your home very soon. In the meantime, voting just began for the art print challenge with West Elm. Come vote for my work as this is a huge dream of mine to be displayed in their store! 

For this submission I fretted a bit about what I should submit, but it became pretty apparent when I remembered what gets me first excited about watercolor- its fluidness and the way colors seamless blend together in such harmony... So these pieces are really about capitalizing on that feeling and quality of the medium. I also wanted to put in a variety of nature and abstract pieces because it will show a bit more of my range of work, but really even my nature pieces are starting to feel more abstract these days. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them and remember to vote before February 10th!