Today I'm sharing a recent wedding invitation design I did for a dear from of mine who's also getting married this June (ours is actually right after theirs!). Brandon and I go way back to our abroad internship time in China and I couldn't be happier for the two of them who are getting married in Montreal! 

Brandon wanted something very simple and clean, and at first I wasn't sure how my watercolor style would fit into all of that. But, what turned out is a wonderful blend of refined elegance with a splash of whim and color. Included in the set are two front and back cards that detail the events of the weekend and maps for the guests. The maps themselves were so fun to do, especially since one is in watercolor and the other is drawn in black ink. I really enjoyed painting in a more illustration manor and also hand-lettering all the street names, made me feel like I was right there. The envelopes are carefully lined with a watercolor stripe and beautifully hand-lettered. The bow belly band is quite a nice touch, it really ties everything nicely together if I say so myself! You can see more photos of the suite here and also feel free to contact me for more info about my invitation design service and pricing.

I will be updating with more invite designs in the coming weeks. In addition to custom designs, I'm also working on a collection of pre-designed suites that I'm pretty excited about!

Until next time,