In the last few weeks I've been painting, editing and designing a collection of wedding invitations both for myself and for other brides. I'm sharing some snapshots I took during the beginning of this process as I was painting and coming up with some of the flora for the collection. Some of these made it, other's were just fun ideas to experiment with. It felt very natural to move from one painting to the next, each having something different but interesting to say.

What I have found to be an essential part of being inspired is to have beautiful bouquets to look at. I try to collect these photographs on my Pinterest board whenever I can. It informs me so much about a certain feeling or color palette that I want to capture. I thoroughly enjoyed painting quietly in my studio for those few days, there was a certain buzz of energy and excitement I felt painting each petal, each leaf...As my art teacher in my Chinese floral painting class would told me, "imagine and paint each flower as it grows from stem to bloom". 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  Style Me Pretty - Photography by Kirstin Ellis // Yao Cheng Design

Style Me Pretty- Photography by Kirstin Ellis // Yao Cheng Design