Hey there,

I'm sharing some new art prints with you guys today! You can find them in my shop here or on Etsy. There are many to choose from, which is perfect since spring is finally here! If you are like me, I always like to freshen our space with a brighter palette this time of year and turn over that new leaf. I also have new prints on sale now that will no longer be reprinted so grab one before they're all gone! 

I didn't even realize how much my prints were saying "Spring!!" until I saw them together. The way I usually create multitudes of new work is to give myself a few days where all I do is paint. I don't really look at what I've painted before, since I like to keep the ideas flowing and not hinder that process. At any rate, before I know it I've got a stack of paintings that will be sifted through for what I want to make into prints. This is usually the first time I'm seeing everything together, and this time, it was clear that I wanted spring to roll around! It was a breath of fresh air for my creative brain to paint turquoise with pinks and apple greens with oranges again. I especially love the new direction some of my abstracts seem to be taking, like this playful one called Ovals in Magenta that was inspired by colorful macaroons. Or this one called Small Triangles in Multi that feels like a pattern but also works as an art print. I'm working on submitting some more work for Minted, so keep an eye out for more exclusive pieces that will only be on Minted! 

Lots of new things are happening this year, including me and Eric getting married in three months! You can see a quick Instagram photo I snapped of our suite here. (I will also post more photos on my blog in a few weeks). I'm so excited for our close friends and family to join us in Italy with delicious food and the most amazing landscape backdrop I'm ever laid eyes on! So in addition to all of that coming up, I am also working on getting some natural fiber fabrics printed with my designs. It's a bit scary to dive into a bit of an unknown territory with printed fabrics, but I really believe in my heart of heart that they will be a wonderful edition in my shop. This print called Citrus, for example, is just made for a tea towel, right? 


Remember this lovely one from Uncommon Goods last year? Well, it's good news that I now offer this print and another one that you might recognize in my shop now! I will love this cherry blossom one for a long, long time to come...

Happy spring! 

- Yao

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