Photography/styling by  Olivia Kanaley

Photography/styling by Olivia Kanaley

Hello there!

To start off this wonderful Mother's Day weekend for everyone, I wanted to share a recent Mother's Day breakfast printable that I designed for Minted. You can check out a few of the great photos that they styled on their blog, Julep. If you are also planning on making a special breakfast for your momma, you can also download the printable kit here

I was really excited to design this kit in part because I wanted it to be something that I can use for my mom as well. Because my mom lives many states away from me, I wanted to give her something that felt fresh and beautiful, like a bouquet of spring flowers but with a fun twist. So once I decided on a pastel palette, I began painting the different pieces... Then, with the help of my amazing maid-of-honor, we designed and assembled them together into something I am so proud of! Her suggestion to include a tea bag was genius, and though it was 2 am. when we decided on this, it ended up being my favorite piece of the kit! This tea bag is so adorable and can be used for any occasion. There's even a back where you can add a special message...

Once the printable was done, I started on making the paper flower bouquet. I have to say, I can make these beauties all day long. There are endless possibilities with tissue paper, you can bleach, cut, fold, fringe...so many ways to make pretty flowers it is sort of unreal. What I love about making these is that it's just like watercolor painting, but with tissue paper. I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover this fun craft- thank you Martha Stewart for the many great tutorials! 

Well, I hope you all a wonderful weekend with your families...I am certainly looking forward to mine. We are heading up to Eric's parents house this evening to cook up a special breakfast for his momma, but it's also a great excuse to get away from work and relax for a few days!

Have a great weekend, everyone!