Hey there!

I'm delighted to share with you guys a new addition to my shop. After months of painting, designing, refining, and sourcing, these tea towels have finally arrived! It's been a true labor of love getting these lovelies just right. From the beginning I knew it will be important for me to source a high-quality fabric and create a product that was both beautiful and functional. While I under-estimated how long it would take to find the right manufacturer and to get my design printed, looking back it was worth every part of that journey.

Every design always begin with a brush on watercolor paper. After I finalize the selection of artworks I want to use, I scan them into the computer where they are cleaned and sized correctly. Some are also made into art prints, which you can find here! While some of the artworks are a composed layout, others are repeating patterns that I have to design into with Photoshop. Once the designs are prepped, I send over the designs to the manufacturer and work with them directly over changes or adjustments. This is the first time that I'm reacquainted in the textiles industry since my years working at a corporate fashion company! And even there, I did not work directly with manufacturers or deal with the sourcing end of things. So it's been very interesting learning about all the different types of fabrics and printing processes out there.

What I love about these towels is that it is completely color-fast. These linen cotton blends are printed through a reactive dye process in which the colors are dyed directly into the fabric rather than sitting on top like with pigment printing. The difference is truly extraordinary, most noticeably is the saturated color range and the color fastness of the fabric. I wanted these towels to be pretty décor pieces in a kitchen, but I also wanted my customers to be able to throw them in a washer when they get used. And with reactive dye printing, that is totally possible without worrying about colors fading! Isn't technology truly amazing? 


After the fabric is printed and steamed, they are finished by my amazing future mother-in-law! Each piece is first carefully cut out by hand. She then presses and stitches in the side seams to get a clean, finished edge. She even takes the extra step to add in a corner loop and finish the corners in a special way to avoid the thick overlap of excess fabric. It's these little details that makes the finished product extra special!

In the end, I feel very proud of how these first tea towels came out. Seeing my work on fabric has opened my eyes to so many new ideas! I will be adding more products to my shop in the coming months, all of which I am brimmed with excitement and just writing about it makes me smile! 

'Til next time,