All photos courtesy of  Christa Kimble Photography .

All photos courtesy of Christa Kimble Photography.

Hello there!

Today I am introducing our NEW napkin collection, and let me tell you, I am so proud of how these beauties turned out! You can see all of our new products here. This is a collection that I've been thinking and talking about for over a year... I really wanted to continue expanding in home-decor, and adding dining textiles seemed like the natural next step after tea towels. It was also a great opportunity (and the best excuse!) to throw myself into a few weeks of just designing surface patterns again. Designing patterns taps into a very different part of my creative brain and can be a breath of fresh air from designing layouts and composed artworks!

Now a little bit about the making of these napkins...
As with every other category of our products, the designs always start with me painting through tons of the ideas/ colors/ pattern motifs that have been swimming around in my mind. With so many paintings laid out on the floor, and I really mean this, it's like a tornado went through my painting desk! I will then pick the ones that jump out or speak to me the most. However, there are also always a few patterns that I never really thought about using until the last minute, and Funfetti is actually one of those! In hindsight, it's now one of my favorite designs in this collection. Funny how collections come together... Anyway, once I select the ones that I think will work together, I bring them into the computer and create repeats and color way options. This part of the design phase is usually pretty grueling, but it is completely necessary to scrutinize every detail, scale and color to make sure that they all complement each other. Especially for this collection, I wanted you to be able to mix and match to your heart's content, so each design had to have its own voice but also be able to work well with the other ones. For example, I created a mini-series of indigo designs with Navy Grid, Honeyberry, Maritime and Indigo Hash. These four can be paired with each other without feeling redundant but still be in the same color family. They can create more variety for your dining table and also, if you are like me, you can switch between patterns in case you don't want to look at the same pattern everyday!

Our napkins are printed with the same process as the rest of our textiles using fiber-reactive dye. You can read more about it here! I love this printing method because it provides beautiful color ranges as well as makes it possible for our customers to actually use the products in their homes! They can be laundered like normal household textiles and will actually become softer with each wash. Once they are printed, our amazing seamstress sews and finishes every napkin by hand. Tags are placed on, and ribbons are tied. That last part of this process is, I think, the most rewarding! It's definitely a challenge to keep so much of our production process in-house, but for me it's worth all of the hard work to be able to oversee as much as possible to ensure that the product reflects our brand. 


What I love about these napkins is that they are so versatile. You can mix and match across color ranges, in different scales or throw in a few of our wash designs for color emphasis! Our wash napkins are very unique to watercolor, although they do echo tie-dyed fabrics. I wanted to re-interpret this dyeing method using watercolor washes and blends. So go ahead, check out our napkins collection, and if you are not sure which designs will go well together, we've created a few color stories here in lemon, mint, raspberry and indigo. If you would like to select your own napkin set of 4 patterns, email us and we can create a custom set for you! 



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