Photography: Yao Cheng Design

Photography: Yao Cheng Design

Happy Friday, folks!

I'm excited to announce a release of new artwork that's available now in our shop and on Etsy! It's been long overdue to add some fresh pieces to the assortment, but it was important to us that everything we release, we believe whole-heartedly in. And that meant spending weeks painting, and repainting the artwork. But, I'm so proud of the result, every one of them has something to say, and makes me smile every time...

Plus, what's a better time than now to have some these guys in your kitchen? Summer may be slowly fading into fall, but the smell of fresh peaches or the vibrant color of radishes still makes me giddy. Being able to bring some of those memories and experiences indoors is truly amazing to me, they have so much personality and life to them. In addition to new culinary prints, we also have a few that's available in square sizes. And did I mention custom monogramming? Here are a few that you can personalize to your heart's content. If you have special requests regarding them, you can always reach out to us!

I love being able to create a series of paintings like the culinary series, especially when my brush strokes feel really in sync with what I want to express. This isn't always the case, and I know from meeting lots of you guys through watercolor workshops, that there's often a disconnect between what we want to say and what actually ends up on a canvas. For me, it just takes time, and lots of watercolor paper, before you finally feel like the brush is truly an extension of your voice. I love that moment though, when everything clicks, and my surrounding goes silent and it's just me and this piece of painting that's coming to life! What a wonderful gift that is. 

We are currently working on new projects, including a brand new line napkins that I cannot wait to share once they are released. In the meantime, check out our new prints here and enjoy 15% OFF your whole purchase ($25 or more) through 8/23/15! Using offer code HURRAY during checkout, happy shopping!