Photography courtesy of  Creativebug

Photography courtesy of Creativebug

Hello everyone!

Earlier this year, I partnered with Creativebug to launch a series of online tutorials where I shared some of my favorite techniques and tips on how to paint with watercolor. These in-depth tutorials are a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and experience for yourself why I love watercolor so much! Watercolor, for me, is all about the process of diving right into the moment and seeing all of the amazing colors and shapes blend and form. In the Beginning Watercolor classes, I go over some basic techniques on how to blend colors together, how you can use your brush to create expressive strokes, and how to think about composing an image together. The Intermediate Watercolor class is a great next step when you become more comfortable with using your brushes and understanding how to use water with your pigments. I talk more about painting with florals and how you can create beautiful, translucent layers with your colors and shapes. Both of these classes are now available on Creativebug, so if you have not already checked out the beginner's class, click here to see a preview and learn some easy and fun ways to paint with watercolor!

Oftentimes, people are intimated by how to use watercolor.  This is usually attributed to pre-concieved notions they have of how one is supposed to paint with this medium or the lack of control over how everything blends together. However, I don't believe there is one right way to approach something as creative and freeing as artistic expression. There are no wrong approaches here, and it's a much easier medium to work with than you might think. It's about letting go of control, allowing yourself to be in the moment and just having fun with it! Rather than trying to create something photo-realistic, my online tutorials will show you how to add more depth to your artwork by discovering & expressing your own visual perspective.

  Photography by Yao Cheng Design

Photography by Yao Cheng Design

  Photography by Yao Cheng Design

Photography by Yao Cheng Design

One fundamental part of using watercolors is having the right tools. Choosing high-quality paper and pigments really makes all the difference! That's why Creativebug and I have put together this wonderful beginner's painting kit for one lucky winner as our Week 1 giveaway. Included in this kit are: an 10" x 14" Arches cold-press watercolor block with 20 sheets of paper, a large folding palette, a variety of 4 round tips and 2 flat wash brushes, and 12 of my go-to pigments colors. With this kit, you will be ready to sit down for an afternoon with a cup of tea, and discover what is truly amazing about this medium! We will announce the winner of this kit, as well as the winner of our second prize (stay tuned for that reveal), on Wednesday, October 14th, so be on the lookout for those announcements! To enter this giveaway, click on the below (rafflecopter). 

As an added bonus, I will be taking over Creativebug's Facebook page on Friday, October 9th from 8-9pm, EST for a Q & A session where I will answer your painting questions.  Be sure to tune in for that by following Creativebug on Facebook or follow us on Instagram so you can be part of the live chat!

Happy painting!


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