Photography by Yao Cheng Design

Photography by Yao Cheng Design

Hello there!

Our weeks here at the studio (I recently hired on an assistant to help with building this business, but more on that later!) are full of juggling different tasks at any given time, so it's hard to find a minute to share all of the different projects that are going on. But, I wanted to talk briefly and share a preview of one project that we are currently working on! Two years in and countless custom invitations later, I realized that it was time to expand our collection invitation services. I have loved being able to offer our brides completely custom designs that suit their weddings to a T. However, we have also received so many requests from brides either on a budget or on a time crunch that would love to also work with us. I definitely know what it is like to plan that special day on a budget, so I understand that our Bespoke services are not for everyone. The beauty of going custom is that everything is completely catered to your needs. We spend a great deal of time and care into planning, then sketching, and finally designing every piece. I paint all of the florals in pieces first with optional clusters that are then scanned and edited in to the computer. This part of the design phase takes the longest since there are many layouts and color decisions to be made! Because we take great pride in building these close and personal relationships, this process often spans 4-5 months for the invitations, and can even extend longer with day-of pieces added on. But, the reason why we plan these out months in advance and take our time is because we know what these stationeries will represent. You will want to open your wedding albums in the years to come and reflect fondly on these stationeries and that beautiful, special day!

We wanted to take this same approach of attention to detail and care with our Collection suites, but just shorten the amount of time involved. With our upcoming Collection suites that will be offered through our design studio, every piece will be already designed for you, but you will be able to customize your names and other details in our calligraphy styles. Brides will not have to spend so much time on the design phase, and instead be able to approve and receive their finished suites within a 4-6 weeks! My vision is to have every suite be complete with Save the Dates, the actual invitations, day-of pieces like Menus and Programs, and patterns for envelope liners and other details. While we are knee-deep in this design phase, I know it is all going to come together and be really spectacular in the end!

Can't wait to share more on this progress in the coming weeks,