Photography courtesy of  Creativebug

Photography courtesy of Creativebug

Hey everyone!

The response to my watercolor tutorials with Creativebug over the course of this year has been so great! Three years into building this design studio, I could not have imagined how many people I would be able to reach and share my love for watercolor with. Hopefully through these videos, you guys will be able to see just how relaxing and fun working with this medium can be. The fluidity, the drama of expressive strokes, the translucent layers that can create so much depth...there really is no other medium quite like it!

Even though I could paint abstract shapes and watch colors blend together for hours on end like in the Beginning Watercolor classes, painting more complex subjects like flowers will definitely add more interest to your artwork. In the first part of the Intermediate Watercolor classes, I talk extensively about how to paint flowers in both bouquets and as an all-over pattern. Truth be told, I actually started my watercolor journey with painting flowers. I studied traditional Chinese floral painting for a semester abroad in college, and while that was a very different style of floral painting, I learned how to approach  floral painting in a new way. In conjunction with learning Chinese calligraphy, I was taught how to capture the ethereal feelings in my work. My teachers pushed me to imagine flowers blooming as I painted master copies. That level of imagination allowed me to bring life into my work, it really was a game-changer after that! It's all about incorporating your own creative imagination into your work to make it yours. Understanding the anatomy and natural growth of plants is also really important when painting in this way. Knowing how flowers grow, where the stem is in relation to the budding petals and how leaves extend themselves...these are important to keep in mind as you begin.

In the second part of the Intermediate classes, I introduce ways to paint with translucent layers. One of the greatest features of watercolor is transparency. The more water you add, the lighter the color becomes. As long as you allow each layer to dry completely before adding new layers, the result is really neat. You can start with very simple shapes, like this Hexagon in Green & Blue or this Colorful Falling Dots, and create something that has a lot of depth and color complexity! Layering with watercolor allows you to continue adding shapes and strokes on top of each other without losing what you painted before. But, because layering in this way often require areas to be rewetted multiple times, a quality paper (the 140lb Arches Cold-Press is my go-to!) is essential for great results. The last thing you want to worry about while painting is the paper warping or for it not to be absorbing all of those beautiful colors!


  Photography by Yao Cheng Design

Photography by Yao Cheng Design

For the second week giveaway, we have included a set of 2 tea towels! The one titled "Meadow" is one of our newest tea towel (we will launch our new collection of tea towels + napkins by end of October). Our Dots in Pink & Coral is one our best sellers and compliments the floral one wonderfully! Both tea towels are digitally printed using dyes and hand-sewn, so you can use these lovely guys without worrying about color fades. Just launder them in the washing machine and dryer as normal! You can read more info about our textile products here. Enter this giveaway by October 9th, both winners to this week and last week's giveaways will be announced on October 14th! 

And don't forget, I will be taking over Creativebug's Facebook page on October 9th from 8-9pm, EST to answer any questions or thoughts that you might have. You can always follow us on Instagram and our Facebook for that announcement, hope to see you guys there!

Have a wonderful weekend,