Photography by Creativebug

Photography by Creativebug

Happy Tuesday!

I'm so happy to be announcing that my latest watercolor tutorial - Resist Painting Techniques with Creativebug is now available! This will mark the last class in this series on Creativebug, and I think it is the perfect way to end this series! I go over some specific painting techniques for using the resist medium with watercolor, and you really don't need a lot of artistic background to achieve some stellar watercolor results!

My design background is in textile patterns, so naturally, a lot of my resist painting has to do with creating patterns within my watercolors. The way I visualize a painting, whether it is something abstract or an intricate landscape, always comes back to its connection with pattern. When I'm painting abstracts, what I love about using the masking fluid to create the "resist", is that it gives me the freedom to create dynamic watercolor washes without worrying about protecting the white, background spaces. It's the ultimate balance of keeping control while also completely letting go! Yes, there's a bit of planning that goes into figuring where within the painting I want to keep white or how I'm going to layer on top of the resist. However, I really think the final result is so unique and interesting. Now, everyone has their own way of using resist, and yes sometimes, if you're not using it in a way that helps enhance what you want to say with your painting, it can become tacky. Therefore, I always make sure to ask myself what the purpose of using resist is in what I'm working on. Do I want to add strokes and lines that will enhance the sense of movement in a painting like Ocean Waves in Blue? Or do I want to add a layer of pattern to bring more complexity that will tie the whole painting together like in our Emerald Green Triangles throw pillow? Either way, it's important to have a specific purpose in mind so that the painting comes across as intentional and not just as merely decorative.

When it comes to painting landscapes with resist, I am greatly inspired by the work of Van Gogh - his paintings move and sway in a way that makes me feel like I'm right there in the painting. In my work, I reinterpret that idea and always try to find a way to abstract it by adding patterns within the piece. It brings a sense of life to me in a way that I find very unique! For example, when I see a photograph that I want to use as an inspiration for a new landscape, I always imagine the grass as swaying in the wind, the trees as undulating with the grass, and the clouds as moving softly along the sky. That imagery helps me determine and plan out where I want to lay down with resist and where I want to use other techniques such as broad washes or using a paper towel to "erase" and take away. Check out my Intermediate Watercolor on landscapes for more tricks and ideas on that subject!

In this tutorial, I not only go over the various ways I like to use this medium, but I also talk about what my favorite brand of resist is, what brushes I use, and tricks on how to use this medium correctly so that you don’t end up ruining your brushes or the painting! There is definitely some trial and error while using this. It's very time-sensitive so make sure that you check out this class before jumping into using this medium for the first time. You'll find some easy ways to paint patterns and designs without feeling overwhelmed if you're new to making art! This is when watercolor really shines through, so go ahead, go crazy with washes and get ready to fall in love with watercolor because when the white areas are laid down and "masked away", all you have to focus on is enjoying making the washes and blends. And if you’d like a refresher on making washes and color-blends, you can check out my Beginning Watercolor classes!

  Photography by Creativebug

Photography by Creativebug

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**This giveaway is now closed**

In addition to this class release, I have partnered with Creativebug for a Pretty in Paint giveaway that you can enter below! We will be giving away a variety of products that I have designed in the past few years that will show you an array of how resist can be used! One lucky winner will receive the following:

-Emerald Green Triangles Pillow Cover, size 18x18, insert not included

-Print Set Featuring Entertained Colors, and Entertained Colors No. 2. Both prints sized 8" x 8"

-1 Box Set of 8 Stationary Cards featuring 4 Ocean Wave in Blue cards, and 4 Blue Waves cards.

So hurry and enter this free giveaway below before it ends at 11:59 PM PST on 2/2/16. I will be announcing the winner on my Creativebug Facebook takeover on Friday, 2/5/16. Stay tuned for that announcements and many more over on our Instagram and Facebook! I hope you guys will love this new class, and if you guys have any thoughts about this watercolor series or ideas for new classes that you would like to see, please leave a comment below!

Happy painting everyone!