Happy Friday!

For those of you who have specific questions about my Resist Painting Techniques class or any of the other classes in that series, I will be hosting a live Q&A session on Creativebug's Facebook page tonight from 8pm- 9:30pm EST. You will be able to join in whether you have something to ask that you have been wondering about or are simply curious to know how I approach a certain technique! I will be happy to take any questions or comments you guys have about the series of online tutorials. In addition, I will be announcing the winner from the Pretty in Paint giveaway at the top of the hour, so definitely stop by and see if you will be the lucky painter!

I collaborated with Creativebug on a Facebook takeover previously and it was a hit! Many of you stopped by and asked a lot of questions that I didn't have the time to go into depth about in the tutorials. I really enjoyed being able to nerd-out on the medium and talk in detail about why I love painting...There's so much to watercolor that I am even discovering or still learning about all the time. It's definitely a process medium and something that needs a little bit of time to understand how to work with it and get the results that you envisioned. For me, that's what keeps me pulled in and constantly intrigued! I have certain tools and tricks that I have learned over the years from trial and error, but I know there's still lots of techniques that I don't know about yet. My goal for this series of online tutorials was to introduce a few ways to try out watercolor, but I wanted to leave it open-ended so that you guys can try things on your own too!

And so, I look forward to having another open conversation with any of you tonight who would like to stop by and talk about what you love or find challenging about painting with watercolor. This will be a great chance for me to see what questions are asked often and possibly, new class ideas in the future! My mind is already spinning in that direction...I will also be announcing the takeover on Instagram and Facebook.

That's all for now, hope to meet you guys there tonight! 


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