Well hello,

I'm sharing a few new greeting cards today that we just added to our shop! I have been wanting to add a new assortment of stationeries to our shop for a long while now, but with all of the projects and everyday to-do's, it never made it into our schedule until early 2016. We're going to be introducing new greeting cards throughout the year from here on out, but we're starting off with some new abstract ones that you can find here!

Don't forget that you can always create your own mix & match box sets! This is by far our most popular option, as you can mix and match across regular-priced items to your heart's content. **At this time, regular-priced cards cannot be mixed with on-sale cards** 

In addition to the new assortment, we also have a few greeting cards left on sale, get them before they're gone!

Happy Friday,