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I am thrilled to finally introduce to you all something that we have been hard at work here at the studio. We are proud and very ecstatic to share with you our 5 fully-designed Collection wedding suites that require very little customization and can be mailed to you in 2-3 months!

These Collection invitations have been a true labor of love to design for both me and my assistant over the last year. It is something that we scrutinized for months over, obsessing over every little details so that everything coordinates together perfectly. For me personally, even though this is one of most ambitious projects I've ever thought about doing, it was really important to me to make this happen! After working with brides on custom invites for the last couple of years, I began to see a real demand from brides who would email us wanting to work with us, but would leave feeling disappointed because of either their time constraint or a limited budget (both of which are very realistic and understandable reasons!). Having planned a small wedding on a budget myself, I could totally relate to the reality of having a busy schedule and the pressure to still put together the most memorable wedding.

But first, a thought on why I started designing invitations in the first place...Stationery was always a passion of mine, I suppose it goes back to my school training in textiles and always being around tactile things! At any rate, after seeing how people responded to my paintings that I turned into art prints, I knew I wanted to bring something equally as beautiful to wedding stationery. Painted florals is a big part of my body of work, so it seemed very natural to translate them into wedding invitations early on. For me, it wasn't enough to just design paper invitations though. I wanted our wedding stationeries to be like small works of art, something made with a lot of care and printed on quality paper so that brides and their guests can keep them for years to come. In fact, a lot of our bridal guests frame their addressed envelopes! 

With that in mind, I knew with these Collection suites that I was not going to compromise on the quality of the work or how special they feel. Instead, I would focus on offering brides a much shorter time frame since a large portion of the design process has already been done. This gives brides the flexibility to quickly coordinate pieces together or shift their budget around to accommodate other aspects of their wedding planning! Every suite is fully-designed from Save the Dates all the way to Reception pieces. We even have patterned envelope liners to match and bring a splash of color to your envelopes! I really wanted each suite to have the right balance in terms of variety, patterns, and color. Calligraphy choices were also carefully considered to compliment the right feeling. I chose to design 5 different styles of invitations to suit the different kinds of weddings that brides are planning. Looking for something more elegant to fit a church or ballroom setting? Eliza and Ambrose are the perfect ones for that! Or if you want to go more rustic chic or outdoors, Ingram and Meadow could be a great match. In fact, Meadow was inspired by my own Italian wedding in the heart of Tuscany! And Gardiner is very fitting for a beach or less formal setting, either outdoors or indoors!

We know how important and emotional this day is for everyone, which is why we work very closely with each of our brides every step of the way! If you'd like more information on our pricing, design process, check out our wedding catalog! Interested in working with us? Please fill out this form so that we can have some information on hand when determining a time-frame and the size of the project! You can always email us with specific questions or, if you are in the Columbus area, stop by our studio and see these lovely pieces in person. At this time, we only offer these designs as physical, printed pieces! We work with a trusted printing vendor here in the USA to offer consistent coloration and quality paper stocks. 

Are you looking for custom, Bespoke wedding designs? Feel free to reach out to us with your specific needs. I will be on maternity leave through the middle of September, so custom work will be scheduled later in the year!

 Behind the scenes: in progress shot

I can't tell you how proud of these designs I am. Seeing everything photographed together was a real treat for me, since they've been swarming around in my head for such a long time! I wanted to include a few shots of us behind the scenes in the studio as these lovelies were photographed by the talented Christa Kimble! That's all for today, thank you for stopping by and hope you all will fall in love with these designs as much as we did!

All photography courtesy of Christa Kimble Photography

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