Happy Friday! 

I bet you are all looking forward to this holiday weekend; I know I definitely am! If you are looking for an activity to kick back and unwind to, "dip" (pun intended!) into a fun painting afternoon this holiday and be sure to watch my online watercolor classes! They will open your eyes to a whole new level of painting that doesn't feel intimidating or difficult, but rather enjoyable and relaxing!

I want to share this sneak peak video of the classes that I made in collaboration with Creativebug back when we were filming the watercolor tutorial series. These classes were one of the most involved projects I had ever done at the time, and it remains one of my proudest projects to date! I continue to receive so many emails and comments from you all who are picking up watercolor for the first time or are looking for a relaxing, creative outlet to tap into. I love reading about your enthusiasm for the classes and seeing how your work has progressed through the tips that I teach. It is very rewarding for me as a teacher and an artist.

I never really saw myself as a teacher before working on this tutorial series with Creativebug. I knew all the techniques and felt very comfortable in my knowledge about painting, color theory and such... but being able to communicate all of those thoughts and tips through words and video content was uncharted territory for me! Still, I saw a real demand and curiosity for painting in this medium and felt I could offer a new approach on how to use watercolor in a more modern way. Plus, I really treasure my friend who took the time to teach me and open my eyes to watercolor about 6 years ago, so I was happy to pass it on! And now, even though teaching is not the bulk of what I do with my business, I am really glad I have this series of classes to recommend to you folks. I talk to people all the time who are interested but don't know where/how to begin with this medium, so it's great being able to share these tutorials with them and assure them that "Yes, this can be a really easy, fun and enjoyable medium!"

Watching this video reminds me of what I love and what I do, every time. I don't know if it's because I rarely ever see my watercolors come together at this pace or if it's because it's a compilation of so many different types of work that I make. Either way, it's neat to see them all together! A lot of this footage came from when the Creativebug crew (and what an amazing team!) would leave me alone to paint for about 30 minutes each day while the camera continued to film me from above. I got to put on my headphones and create whatever came to mind. That kind of freedom was refreshing after a whole day of teaching on camera. This is where the magic really happens, when I don't need to rely of words to express how I feel or what I want to say. I love being in that zone, it pulls me right into what I'm doing and I become so enthralled with what is exactly in front of me. Now if only this was my entire day, everyday... but more thoughts on that later!

I hope you guys will feel inspired to paint watercolor, especially during your long 4th of July weekend after watching this video! You can check out my Beginning Watercolor class on Creativebug or view the entire series here!

Happy holidays and have a safe weekend!