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For those of you interested in learning how to paint or are working with watercolors, you may have wondered to yourself: "How do I get started with my creative process, how do I come up with my compositions, or where do I find my inspirations?"  These questions and many others often been asked in emails and discussion forums over on Creativebug by students. I believe it is so important to find your own voice when it comes to being a creative, but it often takes a lot of time and trial and error to find that style you can call your own! That is why in this new "Frequently Asked Questions" class, I talk about how I came up with my design ideas and gained confidence in my painting style over the years. I even share some general techniques on how you can translate your watercolor paintings digitally into the computer to be used in designs! 

The thing is, I was often curious about these same questions in regards to other artists and designers when I was first starting out. Since everyone has a unique perspective on how they arrived at their signature style, there was something to be gained from each interview that I listened to. I hope that in this class on my creative process, I can shed some light on the different ways you can find creative inspiration and translate that into something original of your own! During the interview, you will also get a peak inside our downtown studio where all of my paintings are created and I run my business out of. So check it out here, and as you continue to paint and explore new ideas, you can always email us specific questions directly!

Have a creative week, folks!

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