Photography  //  Christa Kimble

Photography  // Christa Kimble

As Yao is both a designer and a watercolor artist, it is very fitting that our art prints are arguably one of the most popular products in our online retail shop.  Through our wide selection of prints, such as abstracts, florals, and landscapes, among others, people are able to shop and find something that suits them (and their home!) perfectly. 

Over the past few years, our art print collection has continued to grow.  However, to make room for new work, we have discontinued a few older pieces, some that our customers would love to see back in our shop.  Huzzah! You’ve reached out to us, and after some consideration, we are happy to present to you: The Classics Collection!

The Classics Collection comprises of various art prints from the past (almost 5!) years that still continue to be beloved by our followings.  Their sizes range from 8" x 10"s to 16" x 20"s, and a select few are available all the way up to 30" x 40"!  They are printed on our archival cotton rag paper and individually signed by Yao.  You can read more about the production and distribution of our art prints on our "Product Info" page.  

This collection features “Colorful Dots Falling” and “Yellow Ginkgo” art prints from 2013, which continue to be fan favorites.  In addition to these pieces, we are bringing back “Blue Waves”, whose artwork was one of Yao's very first art prints that she created! This piece was not only featured on Designlovefest and on our stationery in the past, but it was a design that jump-started our product side of the business. It's amazing to see how one piece of artwork can have such an impact on what Yao's work is known for and how much we've been able to grow as a result of it.  Browse all of our Classics prints in our shop!

We would like to thank all of you for your continuous support and appreciate all of your suggestions.  It was through your requests for our older artworks you may have found online through Pinterest and other websites that this collection was made possible.


 Left //  Flower Bouquet  Right //  Colorful Dots Falling   ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

Left // Flower Bouquet Right // Colorful Dots Falling ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

  Photography  //  Christa Kimble

Photography  // Christa Kimble

 Left //  Forest in Lush Greens  Right //  Green Rolling Hills   ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

Left // Forest in Lush Greens Right // Green Rolling Hills ©2017 Yao Cheng Design, all rights reserved

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