Image courtesy of  Andy J. Miller

Image courtesy of Andy J. Miller

This week, we are pleased to share a recent interview Yao did with Andy J. Miller, an awesome illustrator and the host of Creative Pep Talk Podcast to talk about her creative business.  It’s  titled “Finding Your Flow with Yao Cheng” and is available now through Soundcloud.

In this episode, Yao and Andy address the ever-present question in many creatives’ minds, “Making a good living and making great art – Is it possible?” 

They begin by discussing her creative process in detail, from how music is absolutely essential for an afternoon spent painting to how and why she often times makes multiple versions of an artwork.  With Yao’s distinct and beautiful watercolor style, she aims to capture a fleeting moment in time in her work, an idea she also delves into in the show. 

In addition, they talk about how she got into painting, developed her love for watercolor, and turned this passion into an up-and-coming small business.  As an artist, designer, and entrepreneur, many may say she is skillful at it all!  Together, Andy and Yao also discuss how she may (or may not) classify herself into a specific category, with her roles being so diverse, it often isn’t enough to say she is a small business owner, painter, or designer.    

So go and give this episode (as well as the others, we promise they are brilliant) a listen! Both Andy and Yao will be speaking at the upcoming Midwest Craft Con  held in Columbus on February 10-12. You can still purchase tickets to the weekend conference here.  As a special thank you, listeners to this podcast can receive a 20% OFF discount to this creative business conference with code PEP

Loved this podcast?  Be sure to also listen to Yao’s other podcast interview with How She Creates and hear her talk more in depth about how she paints with watercolor.