Yao Cheng Design- Fall 2017 Tea Towels- Watercolor Textiles

I want to share some new fall tea towels that we've just added to our shop today! 

We try to expand our tea towel line thoughtfully each time.  As we add new designs to our selection, we want to offer more variety for our customers to choose from.  With this release, we decided to add two landscapes for the first time!  The holidays are coming up soon, and the Santorini and Iceland tea towels would make great gifts for family and friends.  Whether you recently vacationed in either city or know someone who has gone or will be traveling there, they would make the perfect souvenirs.  When we showcased them recently at the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair, we met many customers who saw these landscape towels and felt a personal connection to them, respectively, because they had either just been there or have an upcoming trip to that destination spot! 

With all of our tea towels, I try to design each to have coordinating pairs, so that you can match them nicely with each other if you are looking for multiple ones!  For example, Cactus Assembly and Cactus No. 5 are an obvious pair because of the subject matter, but I also like that they have different colorations.  So, depending on the change in season or the aesthetic you have in your kitchen, you can display one or the other, or both together! 

Harvest Botanicals is a recent design that we first introduced as an art print.  I was inspired by fall fruits and plants when I was painting this artwork, so feels very appropriate to the autumn season that we are in now!  The rich reds and oranges in this design would pair wonderfully with Protea Banquet but offer a different scale and composition.  You can check out all of the new designs here!  All of these artworks are also available as art prints.

Have a wonderful autumn weekend!