Oh So Beautiful Paper INTERVIEW

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Oh So Beautiful Paper to talk about how I began designing wedding invitations shortly after starting my business, our current studio space, and the successes (and struggles) of running a small studio!

The way I started my business is similar to a lot of small creatives studios these days, but the way I've structured my business is unique to us.  I never envisioned that I could set out doing just one thing and focus there.  So even though the basis of every work that I make is in watercolor, I always knew these designs will need to make its way to a lot of different applications.  That is why we have a retail side where we create product lines in our studio and we see through all of the manufacturing aspects to get to the finished product, but we also have a wedding side where I apply my watercolor designs into stationeries for other clients.  This way of juggling different industries has its own challenges, for sure, but it is a structure that makes sense for me.

I've loved reading this blog for years, and it was one of my inspiration go-to's when I first figuring out what I wanted to do with this new career venture.  It's a wonderful place to go for stationery ideas and to fall in love with the art of paper goods.  So head over to their blog to read more about my business's behind-the-scenes and how I create work from idea to final product!

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Yao Cheng Design- Chancey Charms Wedding- Watercolor Wedding Invitations
Yao Cheng Design- Elisabeth and Andrew- Watercolor Wedding Invitations Map
Yao Cheng Design- Process- Watercolor Painting
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